Reasons Why You Should Improve Your Home Security System

More often than not, home owners usually put off buying and installing home security systems because they are too expensive. Some people also do not have home security systems installed in their houses because they believe that their location is safe and that burglaries cannot happen in their neighborhood. Other home owners are also inclined to believe that the current security system that they have on their homes—security systems being the regular locks on their doors—can keep away burglars.

Unfortunately, what these home owners believe can later lead to a house that has been broken into—and thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your property as well as loss of valuables. Burglary is not that uncommon in the United States. In fact, the FBI has revealed that an incident of burglary happens every fifteen seconds. In more than half of these burglaries—68.5 percent, in fact—the places broken into were in residential areas. The average amount lost for each individual break-in is $1,725. And don’t think that just because it is daytime, you are safe from getting robbed. Most burglars often break in from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon on weekdays, when most people are at work and their houses are empty.

And if you think that hiding your valuables in the master’s bedroom would keep your things safe, then you are terribly mistaken. Burglars often go straight to the master’s bedroom and then the first places they often look in are inside the dresser drawers and the bedroom closet, and the freezer in your kitchen. This is why having a safe installed in your room can lessen the amount you lose in case someone breaks into your house. You can inquire at your local locksmith companies, such as locksmiths in Henderson NV, about the installation of safes in the master’s bedroom.

Many people, despite these staggering pieces of information on burglary, are still reluctant to install home security systems because they appear to be outside the budget. Instead of thinking about it as an expense, however, think of home security systems as investments on safety. But as for the price of these home security systems, well, there is nothing much we can do about that. Securing your home may be costly, with home security equipment priced at $150 to a few thousand bucks. Installation alone can cost you around $90 when done by a hired professional locksmith company, such as those locksmiths in Henderson Nevada. Plus, maintaining contracts with alarm companies can amount to more or less $25 worth of payments per month.

However, the expense you pay for the installation and maintenance of your home security system is worth it if you are serious about keeping your family and your valuables safe from property crimes such as burglary. After all, according to the FBI, houses with no home security systems are three times more likely to suffer from break-ins.

Do not be one of those people who skimped on home security. Whether you are in Henderson Nevada or not, you can have a professional locksmith in your area install a home security system now.