How to Fix Your Broken Door Lock?

Broken door locks in your home can cause a level of discomfort in your family’s daily operations. These locks can be a nuisance to deal with, especially when there is an emergency in the house.

More than that, broken locks could cause a breach in your property’s security. Broken door locks make it easier for burglars to break into your home. This is why you should repair a lock as soon as you notice that it is not functioning properly anymore.

Another reason why you should repair broken door locks immediately is because leaving a lock unfixed can cause it to stop functioning entirely. This would mean that you would have to buy an entirely new set and have it installed.

Once you notice that a door lock in your home is not functioning properly, you should call a professional locksmith service to fix your broken lock. However, hiring a one, such as a Las Vegas locksmith, may cost you a little extra. There are less expensive ways to fix your broken door lock. This way, you could only hire professional locksmith services when the problem is serious or when you have tried everything to fix your broken door lock.

First of all, you have to assess exactly what is wrong with the lock so that you could know the steps you should take to fix it. Some problems with locks can include sticking door locks, unaligned door latches, a loose doorknob, or a warped door.

Door Locks that Keep Sticking

Locks that become hard to open can cause serious problems later. A key may get jammed in your lock. Finding it hard to turn your key inside the lock can also break it off. This would require you to call a locksmith, for example a 24 hour locksmith Las Vegas.

Sticky door locks can be caused by an accumulation of dirt and dust inside your lock. One common thing to do is to lubricate the inside of the keyhole with proper products. These products can be commonly found inside your home. Spraying vegetable oil or sewing machine oil into your keyhole can easily fix your sticky lock.

However, if your keys can slide in easily into the keyhole, then a clogged lock may not be the problem. You may be experiencing problems with your door’s strike plate. The strike plate is the rectangular metal on the edge of the door frame. You might want to enlarge the opening of the plate so that the latch bolt can easily fit.

Misaligned Door Latches

If you have checked your door’s strike plate and noticed that your door lock problem cannot be solved by enlarging the plate opening, maybe it is because your door is misaligned. Misaligned door latches can be the result of an improperly installed door or door that was warped due to the house settling in.

A misaligned latch on your door does not properly penetrate the strike plate. To fix this, determine how big the misalignment is. If it is just less than 1/8 of an inch, you can just file the strike plate down. However, for bigger misalignments, you would have to call a professional locksmith, like Las Vegas locksmiths.

If you cannot fix your broken door lock on your own, call a locksmith for help, including locksmiths in Las Vegas.