Burst Pipes and Water Damage

Burst Pipes and Water Damage


Picture yourself coming home after a long days work, looking forward to relaxing and putting your feet up. You open your front door and find that your entire floor is soaking wet. You quickly place your things on a table and search for the cause of the problem. Then you discover that a pipe has burst and you try to figure out whether to cover up the burst section or call a plumber. This entire problem can be avoided by focusing on prevention rather than cure. This post will explain what causes pipe bursts and how you can avoid the resulting water damage.

Low Quality Materials

When you purchase a new home, it is important to conduct a background check on the contractor and the materials that he/she is known for using. Contractors often cut corners on materials like pipes because they are not often easily visible. The right quality pipes should last for years without issue.

With older homes, you should have your local plumber do a maintenance check to ensure all is well before your face a problem.


When temperatures drop to below the freezing point, pipes are known to burst. This is because the water in the pipes will freeze, turning into ice and causing the pipes to expand. If the pipes do not freeze over completely, there will still be some water trying to push through the frozen pipe walls. The pressure from this water, and the ice will inevitably lead to a pipe burst. It is imperative to work with a water damage specialist to protect your pipes from freezing over. This can be done by insulating water pipes that are exposed with heat tape.

Water Pressure

Sometime, objects get lodged in your water pipes causing an obstruction or clogging the pipes. This can cause an increased pressure on the pipes causing them to begin expanding and eventually bursting. The best way to avoid this is by scheduling maintenance checks with Las Vegas Water Damage Repair.

In case you face this problem before you have prevented it, turn off the water source and call 702 Water Damage Repair And Restoration