Discount Locksmith Security Tips


When a burglar attempts to break into your business or premises, they will spend approximately one minute trying to get past your lock. If you can increase the amount of time that they spend trying to get past your lock, then you can reduce the likelihood of a break in and theft.

Our Locksmiths in Henderson NV are highly qualified and experienced, and have devised these 8 tips to help protect you from burglary and theft, trespassers or anyone who attempts to get past your locks.

  • Use the services of a professional Henderson NV Locksmith to ensure that all your doors and windows are able to lock securely. A professional locksmith is able to identify immediately, and rectify, any faults that may exist.
  • Take care of all your keys, and carefully keep them out of circulation. If you think about it, you will be amazed at how many people are able to access your premises because they have keys. Cleaners, housekeepers, gardeners, and former staff – the list could go on. You must keep track of who has any keys. If you have any doubts, change the locks or have them rekeyed.
  • Consult a Locksmith in Henderson NV when seeking to install a deadbolt on your door. Deadbolts are a good security upgrade that can easily be fitted. The locksmith will be able to assess your deadbolt easily for quality as not all deadbolts are made equal.
  • Change the locks when you take up a new premise. Do not take any chances as you have no way of knowing how many people have duplicate sets of keys.
  • Avoid bad habits like leaving keys in locks, whether you are indoors or outdoors. Your keys should always be kept somewhere safe and away from any open door or window.
  • Make sure that you do not keep your spare keys in places that are obvious. Underneath your doormat, in a flower pot, above the door are all examples of the first place a burglar would check when trying to break into your home.
  • Invest in high quality locks that cannot be easily duplicated. Consult one of our Henderson NV Locksmiths to find out which locks you can buy that have keys that require owner consent for duplication.
  • Secure your windows with deadlocks or window locks that are operated with a key. This makes it more difficult for burglars to break into your home, or if they do manage to break in, to escape through a window.

The most important security tip, to remember, is always to consult a professional Locksmith. Contact Discount Locksmith Henderson NV to consult with an experienced locksmith, and keep us in mind for all your locksmith needs.

We respond to all calls within 10 – 15 minutes and our service is available 24 hours a day. Experience the freedom and peace of mind that comes with knowing you have quality security. Trust us to keep you safe.